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Yachts & Boats

WIM Digital 360° Pix knows yachts. Our Creative Director, Captain Bill is a U.S.C.G. Master Captain and he understands the wants and needs of owners, operators, and guests. WIM Digital 360° Pix uses technology that no one else has in the virtual tour business has to help you charter, sell, lease, or brooker.


If you own, lease, or are selling a private aircraft, a 360° virtual tour created for it will be beneficial in many ways. Aircraft 360° photography and virtual tours provide a unique way of experiencing the space, especially when viewed through a VR headset. We create unbeatable quality 11K 360°  pictures of the interior and exterior of the aircraft, creating an ideal tool for documentation, marketing, or sales.

Car Dealerships

Improve sales by getting a 360° virtual tour created to show off your dealership from WIM Digital 360° Pix. We will create 360° videos and photos along with aerial drone footage. This will rev up the sales numbers at your dealership, expand outreach, and exhibit your luxury showroom. Give customers 24/7 access to your inventory with our Motorstreet Software to increase your competitiveness against others in the industry. 360° virtual tours of vehicles are what customers want to see when shopping for a car online.

Gated Communities, Apartments and Condominiums

Gated communities, apartments, and condominiums can use the immersive quality of a 360° tour. Our high-end 360° services give you an advantage over the competition and allow you to more effectively showcase what life in your communities will be like for new residents providing them with more information and stronger visual appeals. Showcasing your full array of amenities in an 11K, 360° virtual tour can dramatically reduce vacancies by attracting more new residents.

Vacation Rentals

More than 90% of vacation rentals are chosen because of the look and feel of the property, it is crucial that your vacation rental is able to sell itself. A 360° virtual tour can be the difference between a rental and a lost income. A 360° virtual tour helps renters envision themselves already enjoying their vacation at your property!

Fitness Centers

Want to increase membership enrollment at your fitness center? The key to success is finding a way to keep new people coming through the front doors and getting them to sign up for the gym. People interested in working out typically look for gyms that meet their expectations and criteria. Location is important, but so is the set-up, equipment, and overall aesthetic. The experience of being in your gym is somewhat difficult to provide online. However, with virtual tour services with HDR photography and 360° panoramic imagery, you can provide potential memes with full access to the gym from the comfort of their home computer or cellphone. This is a fantastic way to introduce people to your space, giving you more control in how it’s presented and showcasing all your most compelling features.

360 Consulting offers very competitive pricing for virtual reality tour photography and more for customers in Salt Lake City, Boise, and the Seattle area. Contact us today to learn more!

Nightclubs & Bars

Entertainment is all about the experience for a guest. Showcase what you offer with a 360° immersive virtual tour. Add features right in the tour that allow guests to reserve a table, pre-order bottle service, or view the upcoming shows. Increase your revenue with a 360° virtual tour.

Top 360° Virtual Tours

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to a 360° tour here is an idea of some of the tours we can do for you.

  • Private, Country And Yacht Clubs
  • Insurance Documentation And Restoration!
  • Construction And Remodeling!
  • Legal and Crime Scene Documentation!
  • Hospitality And Convention Space!
  • Senior Living Facilities!
  • Commercial Real Estate!
  • Universities And Schools!
  • Museums And Event Venues!
  • Factories And Warehouses!
  • Real Estate!
  • Government Agencies!
  • And Much Much More!

WIM DIgital 360° Pix also offers do-it-yourself solutions to include sales, rentals, training, and consultation.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help!

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