Camera Rentals

Our cameras allow you to capture footage in all directions simultaneously, providing your customers a truly immersive, virtual experience. The footage can be seen through a virtual reality headset, or it can be shared interactively on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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Rent a 360° camera AND equipment from WIM DIGITAL Media and enjoy...

  • Free insurance on your camera rental
  • Built-in video and photo editing software
  • Use from your smartphone or tablet
  • Exclusive service channel with dedicated technicians
  • Unbeatable prices
  • The latest 360° camera and related technology

Types of Gear We Offer

Up to 11K Cameras

Amateur and Professional DSLRs

Mirrorless Cameras

VR 360° Cameras

Action Cameras

Professional Camcorders

Livestreaming Routers

Tripods, Mounts, Lights, and More!

Everything you need for your shoot.

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Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook support 360 video technology, and in both cases, analysis has found a huge advantage of this format over the regular 2D video format, when it comes to marketing. One exciting thing about this new way to market your brand or products is that it is so new, and there are endless ways to utilize it throughout your business.

Work with WIM Digital Media today to start creating 360° content for your business.

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Creating immersive virtual tours and 360° videos is an extremely effective method of enhancing your marketing efforts in a relatively affordable way. WIM Digital Media specializes in everything to do with 360° photography and Video giving you a competitive advantage on the market. Connect with us today if you would like to partner with us or would like advice about making 360° virtual tours.